Refund Policy

1. Preamble:

Welcome to DevTown, where our unwavering commitment is to provide our customers with top-quality products and services that consistently meet or exceed their expectations. We understand that exceptions might necessitate financial redress. To ensure clarity, transparency, and a genuine understanding of our stance, we have established an unwavering refund policy:

2. Financial Transparency and Equitability:

We pride ourselves in showcasing all costs upfront, leaving no room for hidden charges. Each customer is invaluable to us; thus, our policy execution remains consistent and fair across the board.

3. Delineating the Refund Policy:

DevTown's stance on refunds is unambiguous: we do not entertain or grant refunds for any reason whatsoever. Our emphasis is on enhancing both the quality and customer experience of our offerings.

4. Insight into Our No-Refund Policy Philosophy:

Our consistent approach helps in cultivating and maintaining trust with our clientele. By sidestepping refund complexities, we redirect our energies towards product and service enhancement. A clear policy provides operational clarity, aiding us in better resource management.

5. Seat Booking Fee Clarification:

It is imperative to understand that the SEAT BOOKING FEE (Pre Registration Fee) is NON-REFUNDABLE under any circumstances. This fee is retained to cover administrative and processing costs associated with your registration.

6. Procedure for Refund Requests:

Eligibility Verification: Prior to initiating any refund process, verify your eligibility against our stated policy. Refunds are only available if the student/user did not get access to any portion of the course(s) AND requests a refund in writing via email within 72 hours from the date of registration. Official Refund Request: Should you believe you're entitled to a refund, communicate with our customer service team via email. Claiming a Refund: Draft an email, ensuring you use the subject "ONLINE COURSE REFUND". Use your registered email ID, and provide a clear rationale, alongside payment evidence/screenshots. Refund Mechanism: Once scrutinised and approved, refunds will be processed to the original payment mode within our specified timeframe. External delays, beyond our control, due to third-party payment gateways or banks, are not our liability.

7. Exceptions & Exclusions:

-Certain product categories or services might be inherently exempt from refunds. Such specifications are always made transparent during purchase

- Despite our open-minded approach, certain refund requests might not align with our policy's spirit, leading to denials for reasons specified by us.

8. Adjustments to the Refund Policy:

DevTown, in its drive for continuous improvement, might revise this policy occasionally. Such revisions will be promptly communicated on our platform and will influence all subsequent transactions.

9. Epilogue:

Your association with DevTown is more than a mere transaction; it's a journey towards excellence and growth. Our policies are crafted keeping the best interests of our vast clientele in mind, ensuring clarity, fairness, and value at each step. We earnestly appreciate the trust you bestow upon us.