The mission behind DevTown.


Our Story

Our Story

We at DevTown (A research and education-based startup ), are a team with an aim to provide students with a platform to research and make projects in the field of AI and ML. We aim to provide an interactive learning platform for students where they will be able to learn and develop projects with our support. We have collaborated with Kesha Kaneria, Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador(Beta Level) and no charge will be taken for the events or webinars conducted and certified by them.

We strive to cultivate a change in the current learning strategy of students and incorporate a reasonable learning methodology, to make them future-prepared with good knowledge of technologies and profound practical experience in those fields with developing projects.

We believe that you will appreciate this learning excursion and shape your future with us at DevTown.

The Mission Behind DevTown

1. Make Education Accessible and Affordable

Our courses are available for all irrespective of their current level of expertise. Also all the courses are currently available for just Rs. 500/month for 5 months and then a free 2 month long internship.

2. Help you Grow

We have a dedicated team of Mentors, Teaching Assistant and an ever expanding network of students who will be helping and guiding you through the entire course and also during the internship.

3. Grow a Community

Join our course to be a part of a ever growing community of students, teachers and mentors. Compete with them in national hackathons and help each other out.

Our Instructors

Anshika Gupta

Aditya Gusain

Pavan Kumar K

Full-Stack Web Developer at Shape AI

Vishal Jain

Ex - Oracle

Nikhil Agarwal

SWE Intern at Sony

Aradhana Kund

Frontend Developer in CDLI under Google Summer of Code 2021

Krishna Sampat

Ex- Accenture and Ex-Intern at Morgan Stanley

Khushboo Tayal

Ex-Intern at Mckinsey & Company

Sahil Rahman

Ex-Intern at HP and Ex-Intern at Porsche Cars (Japan)

Nikhil Bartwal

Ranked #8th global TFDS contributor (Tensorflow)

Harsh Akshit

Google Developer & OWASP Community Lead

Dipayan Ghoshal

Ex- Amazon

Shaurya Sinha

MLE at ShapeAI || Data Analyst Intern Jio

Rahul Harlalka

Summer Analyst at Goldman Sachs

Madhav Jauhari

Ex- American Express

Nandini Jalan

Google STEP Intern '20 || IIT Kharagpur