Meet Our Graduates

Meet our Batch-1 Graduates, from Data Analyst Training and Internship Program. JOIN NOW and become the next in line.

Bhavya Kala

The interview Training and all the projects completed helped me get an internship as a SWE at Microsoft, not taking this course is a huge mistake.

Shivam Kumar

I would highly recommend everyone to join DevTown to shape their career. DevTown gave me an edge and helped me generate confidence in Machine Learning Algorithms like Decision Trees, KNN, Random Forest Model using sci-kit learn, Support Vector Machines, Logistic Regression and also to visualise the confusion Matrix in the end. Now it's a great pleasure for me to alumni of DevTown. Thank you so much!!

Abhishek Kumar

It was an amazing 4 month long training covered everything from the basics. Got placed as a Network Engineer at Barclays after the training,

Raghav Loya

One of the best places to learn and train in Programming and Machine Learning, helped me get a job in Walmart as a Software Engineer Intern. Will surely recommend them to everyone.

Mahi Patel

I would highly recommend anyone to grow with DevTown. Thank You Sir.

Vasudhevan S

DevTown tutors gave me a perfect head start on how to approach the coding rounds and interviews and when I actually sat for the coding rounds of fidelity investments, I was already familiar with the questions they had asked and this training helpled me bag an intern as a Full Stack Developer at Fidelity Investments. This training gave me a basic idea on how I could approach analytical problems and also ignited an interest in competitive programming . I thank them for this.

Vaibhav Dilip Gohane

Gushing in-person gratitude. You have been so helpful. Thanks for your amazing guidance.

Dhruvin Sorathiya

One of the best things to do in an internship is to clear the concepts and this is what I achieved in this training internship. One more thing to mention is that I got selected for a job on my first try so I am very happy that I was a part of this internship. Thanks and cheers to DevTown!!

Srashti Gupta

I just wanted to let you know that it has been a great learning experience with DevTown. Data Analyst and Data Structure classes were very helpful for me, also the mentor was great and very helpful too.

Devika Soni

The experience was fantastic, all thanks to Rahul sir and Nandini ma'am (Intensifying and passionate mentors). In a nutshell, it was extensive knowledge brimming training. I’m profoundly grateful and it’s my privilege to be a part of the DevTown community. Thank you in anticipation! The quintessence of Evolution: DevTown

Vikas Kumar

Thank you for all the support and help provided throughout the training. It helped me bag a placement as a Business analyst at ZS associate.

Chetan Aggarwal

Honestly, I enjoyed the training a lot. I was not able to attend some classes because of my college but I completed the syllabus using the recordings as soon as possible. Thank you DevTown, I know it will help me in the future. My final suggestion for juniors is if you join the course you will surely grow in your career.

Pakhi Pardhi

It was amazing 3-month training, which helped me to get a job at Harman connected services. Got to learn many things in this training. I will surely recommend their courses to the juniors.

Karan Singh Rawat

One of the best places to learn Full-Stack Development with live mentors. I got myself placed at Ezimax Technologies as a backend trainee with the learning that I gained from this course. I will surely recommend it to everyone.

Sibasish Padhy

It has been an enthralling journey overall. I am grateful to the Data Science mentor who guided me in reading and going through the right resources for data science and analysis. Hence, I recommend any newbie in Data Science who feel lost or overwhelmed by the plethora of resources available on the net to make a good start through the DevTown specialization course.

Sparsh Mehta

I am very grateful to DevTown for giving such great guidance and mentorship. From being a beginner to an advanced programmer, I jumped in a matter of months. I thank Shaurya Sinha, Ashish Modi and Shubhanjan Basu for their help.

Ishaan Dhull

I’m glad that I decided to be a part of the DevTown Family. It’s great to see how thorough your lessons are, I never had any problem at all. The additional courses that I got with this training are also very detailed and self-sufficient to understand any concept. Special mention to Shaurya Sir for his fun and informative bootcamps. Thanks, guys.

Shan Fravin

This internship has given me the opportunity to see so much more about the IT field than I am able to learn in the classroom. I have developed many skills and have a much greater concept of what to expect after university.

Anup Ramdhar Mallah

It was a very good experience to join the Data Analyst Training and Internship program. The instructors were very hardworking and knowledgeable. One thing that I liked was that everyday a doubt session was arranged. All in all, it was an awesome experience.