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Control Statements
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Function & Events
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Array and its Types
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OOP : Object Oriented Programming
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Javascript Standards
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Javascript : Advanced 1
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Javascript : Advanced 2
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Additional JavaScript
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Practice Exercise


Create a Program to find the factorial of a number using recursion.


Take a number input from the user By using Prompt.

Now create a function

Inside Function, check if the number is greater than 0 then use recursion (number - 1)

Return the Final Value after the multiplying all outputs.


function myFactorial(x) { if (x == 0) { return 1; } else { return x * myFactorial(x - 1); } } var num = prompt('Enter a positive number: '); if (num >= 0) { var result = myFactorial(num); console.log("The factorial of "+ num + " is " + result); }else { console.log('Enter a positive number.'); }
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