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Java Package Exercise

Problem Statement-1:

Write a Java program to perform employee payroll processing using packages. In the java file, creates a package employee and creates a class Emp. Declare the variables name,empid, category, bpay, hra, da, npay, pf, grosspay, incometax, and allowance. Calculate the values in methods. Create another java file Create an object e to call the methods to perform and print values.

Test Data:

Pass name as ANU, id as 23, category as Female and bpay as 12000.


package employee;
public class Emp{
 String name,empid, category;
 int bpay;
 double hra,da,npay,pf,grosspay,incometax,allowance;
 public Emp(String n, String id, String c, int b)
   name = n;
   empid = id;
   category = c;
   bpay = b;
 public void call()

   da = bpay*0.05;
   hra = bpay*0.09;
   pf = bpay*0.11;
   allowance = bpay*0.10;
   grosspay = bpay+da+hra+allowance-pf;
   incometax = 0.75*grosspay;
   npay = grosspay- incometax;

 public void display()
   System.out.println("/n/n Employee Details");
   System.out.println("/n/n Name:"+name);
   System.out.println("/n/n Empid:"+empid);  
   System.out.println("/n/n Category:"+category);      
   System.out.println("/n/n bpay:"+bpay);
   System.out.println("/n/n da:"+da);
   System.out.println("/n/n hra:"+hra);
   System.out.println("/n/n pf:"+pf);
   System.out.println("/n/n all:"+allowance);
   System.out.println("/n/n gs:"+grosspay);
   System.out.println("/n/n Incometax:"+incometax);
   System.out.println("/n/n npay:"+npay);

//SAVE as
import employee.Emp;
class Emppay

 public static void main(String args[])

   Emp e = new Emp("ANU","23","Female",12000);;

Employee Details
Name: ANU
Empid: 23
Category: Female
bpay: 12000
da: 600.0
hra: 1080.0
pf: 1320.0
allowance: 1200.0
grosspay: 13560.0
Incometax: 10170.0
npay: 3390  */


The package employee is created in the file. The class Emp consists of fields name,empid, category, bpay, hra, da, npay, pf, grosspay, incometax, and allowance. The methods call() and display are used to perform calculations and display values. The class is created and the package employee is imported. The object e is created and the values are passed in parameters. The println() method is used to print the content.

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