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Java Environment

  • Java Environment includes large number of development tools.
  • The development tools are part of the system known as Java Development Kit ( JDK ).

1. Java Development Kit ( JDK )

The Java Development Kit ( JDK ) comes with a collection of tools that are used for developing and running Java programs.

They includes:

  • appletviewer ( for viewing java applets) :
  •   Applets are small programs that can only  run within a web browser.
  • java ( java interpreter ):
  • A program that can analyse and executes your program line by line.
  • javac ( java compiler ):
  • A program that can analyse and executes your whole program.
  • javap ( java disassembler):
  • A disassembler is used to translate machine code (0 and 1) into a human readable format.
  • javah :
  •  Used for importing other programming files.
  • javadoc :
  •   Used in web based applications .
  • jdb ( java debugger ):
  •  Debugging is the process of detecting and removing of existing errors .  

2. Java Runtime Environment ( JRE )

The Java Runtime Environment  ( JRE ) facilitates the execution of programs developed in java. It comprises the following:

  • Java Virtual Machine ( JVM ) :

Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is an engine that provides a runtime environment to drive the Java Code or applications. It converts Java bytecode into machine language. This machine is called Java Virtual Machine and it exists only inside the computer memory.

  1. Compiling source code into bytecode ( machine readable code ) using javac compiler.
  2. Executing the bytecode ( machine-readable code ) to human-understandable code using a Java interpreter