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Java Applet Programming Excercise

Problem Statement-1:

Write a program in Java such that it accepts a number and displays the square of the number 12 using applet.  Create an input text field to accept a number from user. Create a button to confirm the number and calculate its square. When the button is clicked, display its square in a text field.

Test Data:

Enter a number : 12

Expected Output :

Enter a number : 12

Square of 12.0 is 144.0


import java.awt.*;
import java.applet.*;
import java.awt.event.*;
public class Square_Num extends Applet implements ActionListener
   TextField num,out;
     //Initialize with required input fields
   public void init()
    Label label = new Label("Enter a number :");
    num = new TextField(5);
    Button calc = new Button("Calculate");
    out = new TextField();
      //Function to display the square of the number
   public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)
    double n = Double.valueOf(num.getText());
    double square=n*n;
    out.setText("Square of "+ n +" is "+square);

<title>Square root</title>
<applet code = Square_Num.class width=500 height=500>



In the class Square_Num which is extended from the Applet Class declare  num, out in TextField type. TextField creates a text field in applet. The Button creates a button in applet. The calc is the object of button and it performs the addActionListener method.The double square=n*n is performed to get square root of the given number.

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