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Introduction To HTML

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language and is used to describe the structure of a Web page . It consists of a series of Elements.

Now, What we mean by structure of Web Page is that When you visit any Website then the Content or the Text that is shown inside the web page is written in HTML itself.

To Understand Javascript, You Should have a very small prior knowledge of HTML. So in this section, we will understand the Basics of HTML.

How to Write HTML Code?

To Write HTML Code, you can use any of the text editor like notepad or wordpad. I will be using the Notepad and have to Create HTML Page.

Follow These Instructions to Create HTML Page.

  1. Open Notepad
  2. Write The HTML Code.


HTML Code Contains the Elements, Elements are Written in specific Format:

<tagname>Content goes here.</tagname>

These tagname are very important in HTML File. Because Without These Tags Browser will not be able to understand the structure of the HTML file.

Notes :

All the content of the Web Page is placed inside the starting <html>  and closing </html> Tag.

<head> Tag contains all the Meta Information of the Page i.e details about the page content. It is placed inside the <html> Tag.

<title> Tag contains title of the page and is placed inside the <head> Tag.

<body> Tag contains all the content of the Page i.e any Text, Image, Tables etc. . It is placed inside the <html> Tag.

You Need to Remember These Tags and should know where it is placed in the HTML File.

  1. Now Click on File -> Save Button and save the file with the name  firstProject.html .Don't Forget to write extension .html  at the end of the file name, because without an extension browser will not be able to understand that this file is a  HTML  file.
  1. To Run the HTML File, You have to open that file it will automatically open in any Web Browser like Chrome, Firefox, Edge.

Congrats!!!! You have Created Your First HTML File.

In Later Sections, We will understand about HTML Selector that is used to Connect HTML With Javascript.

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